Cannot download arcade makecode game to raspberry pi 0

Hello, can someone help me with downloading a game from arcade makecode to raspberry pi 0?

Hi there,

This sounds like a lot of fun. I’ve got a few Pi 0s around and may do this myself too.

Here’s the documentation link which has everything you should need :slight_smile:

Good luck! I hope it goes ok

I used the files from this link and tried to move my arcade makecode game onto the these files but it won’t show up on the game menu when I run it.

Here’s an alternative solution:

-Doesn’t require its own image; runs alongside the regular Raspberry Pi OS, inside RetroPie, Recalbox etc.
-Likes newer/more powerful hardware than the zero, but has also been reported to work well with the Raspberry Pi Zero
-More general/wider game controller support
-MakeCode Arcade game files have to be downloaded as .elf executable files instead of UF2, details and helper page for doing this behind the link.

Happy retro games playing and making! :wink: