I've missed you all!

I can’t believe it’s been another three months! The end of the school year is arriving quickly here in the U.S. and for many of the rest of you in the northern hemisphere. I hope you’ve all had an excellent semester!

I’ve been working on Part III of the Stopwatch series this past week. I’ll post that in a few minutes. I hope you enjoy it!

I’m looking forward to seeing all of the work that you all have done since I’ve been away. I’ve already seen some great things in MakeCode Arcade, including the new Assets Editor (how awesome is that!) and the new AP computer science fundamentals course in the documentation (also AWESOME!). I can’t wait to see the cool projects that you’ve all built!

I’m looking forward to getting some writing done this weekend. I’ve been working on Chapter Four of the book recently, and I’m looking forward to putting some additional resources together to support the book. I’ll share more information on that soon.

I’m also looking forward to returning here on a daily basis. This has developed into such a great community, and I’m so glad that my schedule has freed up enough for me to return.

For those in the U.S., have a great holiday weekend. Cheers, friends!


Hey Alex! :smiley: We’ve just wrapped up a game jam (winners here!), and a bunch of work on the skill map. Super excited to see you around again and hear what you’ve been working on as well!


I watched a replay of the live stream on YouTube. Those games looked great! Such a great turnout for the most recent game jam! It looked like all of you had a great time playing and sharing the games, too.

I noticed the skill map in MakeCode Arcade a little while ago, which I think is fantastic, too! Between that, the CS courses, and the AP CS Principles course, you have some excellent resources that educators can leverage and make effective use of MakeCode Arcade in their classrooms. They’re great vectors, too, for students to use themselves for self-study.

I hope you’re all proud of your work so far on the platform. It’s an incredible product, and I look forward to seeing how you continue to iterate on it and evolve the platform. I’ll be here, as always, rooting you on! And, of course, pitching in from time to time where I can. :smiley: