Goodbye... Stepping away from Makecode for the time being

Makecode Arcade has been an amazing experience. As my first coding experience, I plan to revisit Makecode Arcade in the future, but currently, the Makecode Arcade editor is not powerful enough to support my ambitious desires.

I’ve moved to Godot to further pursue my coding endeavours. It has been an amazing experience coding with you all, but that does not mean I’ll leave the forums! I’ll still be around to help, but don’t expect projects made by me.

Hope it’s fine to post some links to my future games in the Makecode Forums (It’s probably going to be on!

Honourable mentions:

See you again sometime soon!


@personalnote Bye for now hope you come back soon!!!
Also I love your games!!!

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goodbye, you were a great part of the community…


It was nice seeing you on this forum, my guy. See you on the other side.


Goodbye! Hope to see you back soon!

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