Jasmine's firts space invaders game!


Jasmine, this is a great first game, well done.

Something I want to draw your attention to, is the overlap events. You need to use the sprite references in the block, instead of ‘sprite2’. Otherwise, when there are two enemies on the screen, only the last one created actually points to ‘mySprite2’.

So in the first overlap event, Player overlaps Enemy, you need to destroy ‘otherSprite’. To do this, click and drag the round block ‘otherSprite’ to the destroy function. So the function reads:

  • destroy ‘otherSprite’ with ‘ashes’ effect for ‘550’ ms

In the second overlap event, Projectile overlaps Enemy, again, use ‘otherSprite’. If you want, you could also destroy the projectile; in that case:

  • destroy ‘sprite’
  • destroy ‘otherSprite’ with ‘fire’ for ‘500’ ms

Feel free to ask if you have any questions.

Welcome to Arcade and I hope you have fun programming. :+1:


Good job, had a bug but I fixed it

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Awesome game.

Keep up the work.

Well done Well done.

Nice @ggiscool

It was nothing.

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Just saying nice.

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well thank you. :sweat_smile:

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Your welcome.