Jet-Pack Jenny (game)

This is my first game built in makecode arcade. I put it together while I was on a flight earlier today. We just got a set of the Meowbit hardware for makecode arcade stuff in school and will have students creating games for them soon.

In the game you control it with the D-Pad and A button to fire up your jet pack. The aim is to avoid the missiles, asteroids and blue electric thingies. You have a limited amount of fuel before you come back down again, fuel will then recharge. Difficulty increases as time goes on. Quick video showing it below:


I love the jetpack style games. Very nice! Would you like to submit it to our game gallery?

Definitely will submit. I was looking at the process before, I’ll submit later.

Info on submission here:

@stulowe80, we just added a link to your game on the homescreen of under the Community Games category!

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Movement is a bit buggy but great game overall!