Jumpy Platformer Debugging

Hi, so i made my own version of Jumpy Platformer. it went well. But I want to make a few changes. So I am very new to code, and I wanted to ask, instead of saying “next level unlocked” every time the hero hits the flag, how do you make it say something different everytime? please let me know how to make this work!

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That text is set here:

So you’ll want to find that. The easiest way is to use the block search feature – if you hold the ctrl button on your keyboard (or command key if you’re using a mac) type f at the same time a search box will pop up in the top right of the editor:

If you type ‘next level unlocked’ into that search box it will bring the the block into view and show you exactly where that text is used:

(if you need any further help it is usually helpful to use the share feature to create a link to your game, so that we can help point out where things are / figure out if something is wrong~)

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