Keyboard Shortcut for Menu, Exit, Reset?


I’m working on an adaptive gaming event and want to create custom controllers working off the cardboard arcade project. I’m working on two versions (one that connects to the GPIO pins and another that sends HID commands through a Pico allowing for a USB connection).

I know there are keyboard shortcuts for P1 and P2 up, down, right, left, a, b. Are there keyboard commands for Menu, Exit, and Reset? It would be nice to have buttons on the user’s controller for these tasks for greater independence.

Thanks in advance for any help!


In Arcade beta, you can use ` for menu and Backspace for reset, so that feature will probably come to regular Arcade soon. Although I wouldn’t recommend switching to beta just for this. Not sure about exit? Can you clarify on that?

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Thanks so much for the reply @UnsignedArduino and apologies for the delay in response! I will try those two keyboard shortcuts. I’m planning on installing Arcade on Rpi Zero using this process ( The exit key is used to close out the menu screen. Hopefully, it’ll work!

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