Kingdoms I - Build Your Empire!

This is Kingdoms I, a spinoff of Sid Meier’s Civilization!


You start off with one settler with which you can found your first city (press ‘A’ to settle)! You can buy more settlers as well as troops and traders by pressing ‘B’ while overlapping your city! You can use troops to conquer other cities (declare war by pressing ‘A’ while overlapping them) and achieve a domination victory, or you can buy traders to trade with other cities and achieve a financial victory (when you have $750). BEWARE! :warning: Other kingdoms can achieve these victories too!

Enjoy! :smiley:


I’ve added some polishings to the game, as well as some major bug fixes!

Make this never ending

Like with no victories, so you can expand infinitely?

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Here’s a never-ending version!

Let me know if you find any bugs! :slight_smile: