KS4030 shield with Mecanum I need code to get the 4 motors to work

I purchased the KS4031 the Keyestudio 4WD Mecanum Robot Car for Microbit.

I cannot get any of the 4 motors to work, I know it is the code.

Does anyone have any code for Microbit that I can start with.

Please HELP ME…!

Thanks Mike

Hi @fuzzynoodlebug,

Are you following the MakeCode guide: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ahyt9l1y5446o3v/AABp_qA-Plu_9fraX2WINaxSa/2.%20Makecode%20Tutorial?dl=0&preview=Makecode-KS4031+Keyestudio 4WD Mecanum Robot Car.pdf&subfolder_nav_tracking=1 ?

It might help if you provide a little more information. Can you share a link to your program?

I don’t have this robot to do any testing with, but here’s a very short program that I think will make it go forward: https://makecode.microbit.org/_E6fWfphXDgsK


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Can you show me a code that i can control the KS4032 with its ir remote
Thank you

Hi @Andrei-2022 ,

I don’t have this robot and can’t actually test it, but here’s an example that show some of the things you need to do: https://makecode.microbit.org/_HqCHXLgsjVos

You may need to update the on start’s connect IR receiver at to be the pin your IR receiver is connected to.


Can you edit this and Ill put the things i want in grey.
I want controls for the ir remote to control the ks4032
left and right line tracking
Please edit my code with adding on the things i need
Thank You
You are a big help right now

Please also fix the broken extension problem
Thank you

My Micro bit file

Hi @Andrei-2022 ,

If the extension is broken in some way, please contact Keystudio (https://www.keyestudio.com/ has a “Message us” option or open an “Issue” on the extension’s code at: https://github.com/keyestudio2019/mecanum_robot/issues)

I don’t have a KS4031 to test anything. You’ll have to do the remaining work yourself. It looks like the manual shows examples of how to use the ultrasonic sensor, do line tracking, and use the remote. Take a look at: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ahyt9l1y5446o3v/AABp_qA-Plu_9fraX2WINaxSa/2.%20Makecode%20Tutorial?dl=0&preview=Makecode-KS4031+Keyestudio 4WD Mecanum Robot Car.pdf&subfolder_nav_tracking=1

I have tried already. Nothing works

Do you have any extensions that make the ks4032 or any robot mobe left and right