KS4030 shield with Mecanum I need code to get the 4 motors to work

I purchased the KS4031 the Keyestudio 4WD Mecanum Robot Car for Microbit.

I cannot get any of the 4 motors to work, I know it is the code.

Does anyone have any code for Microbit that I can start with.

Please HELP ME…!

Thanks Mike

Hi @fuzzynoodlebug,

Are you following the MakeCode guide: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ahyt9l1y5446o3v/AABp_qA-Plu_9fraX2WINaxSa/2.%20Makecode%20Tutorial?dl=0&preview=Makecode-KS4031+Keyestudio 4WD Mecanum Robot Car.pdf&subfolder_nav_tracking=1 ?

It might help if you provide a little more information. Can you share a link to your program?

I don’t have this robot to do any testing with, but here’s a very short program that I think will make it go forward: https://makecode.microbit.org/_E6fWfphXDgsK