Microsoft MakeCode

Latest Brick Versions. 1.10E Troubleshooting

Sydney calling. Hello world. Lets talk Ev3 Device manager and MakeCode. I can’t get either one of them to upgrade my firmware past V1.09E. MakeCode will not operate without 1.10 E or higher. When I connect up to Device Manager - it tells me i have the latest software and all is well. If I move over to Mindstorms and attempt to update the firmware there…it also tells me i have the latest firmware - 1.09E. So what is the story??? What am I missing here??? Hoping I have just missed something and am happy to be corrected. Fire away. Karl

I used the Mindstorms software to upgrade to 1.10E since the MakeCode Device Manager was a little flaky for me. Just download the new firmware and then on Mindstorms go to Tools -> Firmware Update. On the dialog box that comes up click on “Show Details” and then you’ll see a “Browse” button for the path of the firmware. Just point to the 1.10E version and update. Should be done in a few minutes.

Hi. Yep…all good. Thanks for thoughts. Did exactly that (as you mentioned) and we are up and running. :slight_smile: