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Firmware 1.10E Unstable

Hi EV3 team - I’m having lots of issues with the 1.10E firmware now that I have launched this in my classroom. Every bell (45 minutes), 2-3 of my 28 bricks will completely stop connecting to the PC. No EV3 drive, nothing. I go to Device Manager and there aren’t any drivers behaving badly. Next step is to put brick in update mode to try to reinstall the firmware, but I cannot because the EV3 device manager gives me a very weird, pulsing, flashing response. I took a video of it and will try to attach, below. When I see this flashing, my last resort is to go to the EV3 software, downgrade to firmware 1.09 and then go back to the EV3 device manager and upgrade to 1.10E.
This is incredibly time consuming and frustrating for me and for my students. I have reported to LEGO and they are telling me that this is not the first report of this behavior and that they are “working on it.” That said, does anyone have a solution or workaround? I may lose my mind. :triumph: