Lessons plans for Makecode Arcade - Intro to CS

Hi -

I am looking for complete lessons plans for Makecode Arcade - Intro to CS course. I see a lot of tutorials by Microsoft on the Internet for makecode Arcade. However many of them have commands that are now deprecated (for example tile map

Have you come across this yet?

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Does the TEALs program happen to have an answer document? I’m stuck on Lab 3.4

Hi, @mswallace13 !

I replied to your other question about Lab 3.4 separately. Hopefully that gives you enough information to get you going. I have a few other exemplars that I need to write this weekend anyway, so I will add this to the list. I’ll publish an update to GitHub this weekend, and it will include an exemplar for Semester 1 Lab 3.4.

If you come across any other labs for which you need exemplars, then just let us know, either here or as an issue in GitHub.