Level changes and backtracking

Hello all,
I’m making a top-down arcade game based within different levels of a building.
I can code it to change levels however is there a way to code it so I can return to a previous level? (i.e. Ground floor to First floor and back to Ground floor again?).
I realise I can duplicate the tilemap for multiple options but that seems like a lot of duplicates and was wondering if there was an easier way to backtrack to levels?
Thanks in advance!

This might not help but-

Maybe you can use a setting that uses a variable to keep track of what level you’re one? I don’t have a picture for this, but you can do something like “if the variable currentLevel (what you could use) is a certain value, than that’s the level you’re on.”
So if you’re on one level, and you want to go back, just make a tile and then make some code for it that decreases the “currentLevel” variable. I hope this helps.

@TheConeGuy - This actually did help! I made a new variable changing the level by -1 - which I ran through a new function I called “returnLevel” and so far it seems to be working! Thanks!

No problem! I’m glad it helped.
Have a nice day! :smile: