LIttle frog catching project, any and all criticism welcomed

Hi all,
Wanted to attempt to use Typescript in MakeCode and practice some OOP so here’s a little frog catching project:

If you guys could rip my project apart point out any issues you spot and help me get pick up a few good habits I’d really appreciate it.

One mistake I’m sure I made but I’m not sure what would be the best way to approach it is the fact that I put all the sprite on overlaps in each object’s class, like all the net overlaps inside the net class when maybe it should be in my game manager class(?) I suppose I’m just not quite sure where all of those should sit.

All the music was created by UnsignedArduino.


nice but can you make more frogs spawn when u catch them all

I like the little thing where it shows them being caught. sad but cool.

Love the music!

I’ll definitely download it on my kitronik arcade!