Locate as sprite within the camera (display variable on screen)

So I am a teacher using makeCode arcade and often my students would like to use a variable to limit the number of projectiles and would like to display the number of projectiles remaining on screen.

I am aware of a variety of ways of doing this like using .say (but that is not an ideal location)
Player2 score would also work but is not ideal

Using text sprite works but I need a way to locate this sprite at the same location in the camera at all times.

I can figure this out using camera.(x|y) or also stay on screen but is there a simpler way to do this before I make an extension for my students to use?

Something similar could also be useful for a multiplayer game

It sounds like you want to use the relative to camera sprite flag. Here’s a quick example:

This flag makes it so the position is not tied to the camera’s movement - i.e. setting left to 0 will always hug the left side and setting right to 160 will always be right next to the right side.

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Yes that is exactly what I was looking for, thankyou

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