How can I anchor things to the screen?

How can I anchor things to a screen such as my Hotbar/inventory at the bottom but it doesn’t move with my character/screen, anyway I fix this?

Two ways:

You can use the ‘relative to camera’ sprite flag (under the set mysprite auto destroy [on/off] blocks dropdown) and that will make it so this sprite ignores the camera:

The other easy way is to use the jwunderl/arcade-sprite-util extension’s ‘render on z index’ block. This will let you draw directly to the screen with a z index you set (so you can set it to e.g. 80 if you want it to show up above other sprites that you have made since it’s a menu):

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When I do the relative to camera method the items all glitch out and for the z index render I can’t draw something as a variable so I can’t edit any values etc in my other code. I might ask if someone can make an extension to help with me.

Also this is my game