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Looking for advice with weight sensors

i’m trying to code a weight sensor that beeps at certain weights and above a certain point. i’m looking for advice on how to code it and to make the sensor auto tare every 24 hours what should i do?

I just ordered the HX 711 from Banggood and have the extension from Github, when it arrives I will try it out and maybe we can work together on this. The extension has tare in it I think. This code has the extension already in it:

thanks for that, i’m quite new to microbit but i don’t understand how each bit of the code works, could explain what each of those bits do. i just need it to activate on certain weight levels but i’m not sure how to do it

I have not tried this code with hardware as yet because i do not have my weight scales.I see in translation that “valor” in Spanish is “value” in English and ceros is Zeros . I am guessing the “if” statements have to do with writing weight values to the console so that you have a read out in real time of weight values as weights are placed on the scales. Beyond this, it will have to be for someone else to explain the code parts and give you the shorter program that you need. I might be of more help when I have the hardware to test with code.