Loot Box Game

I was making this Lootbox Game and tried something! If you get 3 matching items in a pull you get a redeem code for a game to get this Item! I tried but failed! Can you make ist so when all 3 images are the same that you get an output!? Like a sound or something! If you want to you can add items! WARNING! Only put the Items (and name and code) When the code is done! Thank you!
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I honestly don’t know what to do how do you play?

Oh sorry I didn’t explain! Press B to get a loot box and again to open it! Then when it is done (3Items) You can press Menu to look at your collection! Press Left and right to switch in the collection!


The game is done! Now I need your help! This game actually belongs to a second game (not coded yet) Which you will be able to type in codes (which you get when you get multiple of the same item) and get the item! So basically you play the game to get codes which you can use for another game!
Now I need your help! Please make item images (32*32 but leave 2 pixels on the edges for a rarity thing(look below)) They have to be battle related! (Weapons) And include an name (not too long)
(Yellow=1 Pixel (Please make it so the drawing does not touch the yellow line))
Thank you! I might make “Credits” Which refill after some time! (Settings extension!)
(Rarity will be decided by me! Also damage and so on!Please also make ones that look good but bad(Like a bad wooden sword or a Bow out of a stick!))
Thank You! Have a great day!


This is really cool!!!



In that case you would get a code for item (1) (+In Game Money) for the second game! (Not coded the second game yet)

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Recent Post deleted bc there is secret informatin in the code! The problem has been solved! If you have the code saved somewhere I ask you to please delete it and not share it! The github will be released soon! Stay tuned!

The overall game is done! Now I need YOU to make art! Make your images 30*30 and a name (as short as you can)! The coulor might be changed!
Thank you!