Losing FPS in a room with a fixed amount of sprites

I’m currently making a Zelda-style game but having an issue with FPS. In the saw trap tilemap, 2 below the starting tilemap, the fps will gradually begin to dip until eventually, it becomes unplayable (for me it takes about 2 minutes). This usually wouldn’t be that big of an issue but the low fps will carry over if you reenter the room later. This means that if you entered the room, it dipped it around 3fps then left and reentered, it would still be around 30fps and continue to dip. Someone else on this forum has an issue with FPS as well but I think in their case it was caused by creating too many sprites. In my case, the number of sprites stays within a constant range (19-24 sprites). No clue what could be causing it.

Please provide a game link. Maybe if your game is carrying out an action too many times at once it will drop in FPS. My zelda oot game had massive spikes in FPS when I switched 20 or so tiles at once when overlapping with 1 tile

The game: https://arcade.makecode.com/S23819-92310-88532-17455