LOW sound volume on DIY STM32F411 Console

Im making my own handheld console to play Makecode arcade games on. To use in education etc. But I’m halving problems with the sound volume. The card spits out 3.3V and I’m using a regular 5V DC buzzer like others have used in various DIY projects. I’m able to hear the sound, bus just barely both with or without a resistor. Do I need an opamp, or is it possible to fix without? Would an AC buzzer work instead?

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The default wave form is triangle wave form. You could try to play some sounds with a square form to see if it helps. See melody format at https://arcade.makecode.com/developer/sound

Also see schematics designs provided at https://github.com/microsoft/pxt-arcade-hardware-designs

It looks really cool though! We love to link to your guide once you have it. We can also host the guide in pxt-arcade if want it to be integrated into the web site.

Pretty satisfied with the end result! Just have to figure out the sound. Need someone more tech savy to help me… :laughing: