Make Micro:bit vibrate remotely

Hey there!
I’m a university student and as an Interaction design project we’re using Micro:bits to enhance physical activity movements. We’ve not really been introduced to them properly so I’m kind of new to them.
As a group project, we need to find the way to make Micro:bits vibrate remotely. We will connect them through Radio and one should act as a Remote control, whereas the other one should vibrate accordingly (Like if you press A on the first Micro:bit, the second one vibrates in a certain way; if you press B on the first one, the second one vibrates differently). Is it possible to create something like that?
We’re using two Micro:bits, one Grove shield for Micro:bit (v.2.1) and one Vibration motor (v.1.3.). We even have more Micro:bits, Grove shields and Vibration motors available.

So far I’ve been only able to create the attached code, but of course it’s not really bringing me anywhere. Could someone of you please help me in some way?

Thank you so much

Hi @Orma115 — welcome to the forum1 Your basic idea seems pretty reasonable.

It may be easiest to test your work using the “Multi Editor”: . Below are two partial example projects to help you test your idea. (I’ve intentionally only shown how to send radio messages and am only using a slight variation on your existing work). I suggest you:

  1. Open Project One and click the “Edit” button:
  2. Open Project Two and click the “Edit” button:
  3. Close both and open the Multi Editor:
  4. Select Project One in the left pane of the Multi Editor and Project Two in the right pane.
  5. Tinker/test both programs until you have the type of communication you want.
  6. Then try to integrate the hardware that will operate the vibration. There are a variety of ways to connect haptic feedback / vibration motors. Here’s one example:
    1. I’d suggest starting with an empty project and doing just the vibration work (in response to a button being pressed) until you have it behaving the way you want. Then add the vibration work into the radio work.

Good luck with the project!