Can Micro:Bit V2 send/receive more than one signal over radio?

Can the Micro:Bit V2 send or receive multiple radio signals at the same time? I would like to make a radio project, but I am not sure if it will work.
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Hmmm what are you trying to do exactly? You can certainly send multiple messages in quick succession.

@richard I am going to try to make a flight controller for an RC helicopter entirely with Micro:Bit. The code wasn’t working in the simulator, but I think I need to set a slight delay between the radio communications for it to function properly. I come from an RC background, so I have many options for the aircraft, but I am trying to get the code to work before I order any Micro:Bits

Thanks for your help.

In addition to sending multiple messages as @richard indicated, the micro:bit’s radio protocol is one-to-many broadcast. A single micro:bit can send a message and several others will get it at the same time. They use the radio group to filter our messages, so all communicating micro:bits must be set to use the same radio group.

@Brodie How are you testing it? Can you share your code, which may help someone spot any problems? (MakeCode has a “Share” button that will result in a URL you can post that will allow others to look at a copy of your code. Modifications would just be in the copy)

If the micro:bits will be running different code, you may want to try the Multi-editor: . The multieditor lets two different microbit programs communicate.

Flight control is definitely possible! MakeKit has Drones that are micro:bit controlled:


@bsiever I can’t really share the code since I am testing in Tinkercad. I will probably get multiple Bits, so I can use one in the controller and two in the 'copter. Unfortunately, it may be a while before I am able to actually test it in real life due to personal circumstances, but I will post it once I am done. Thanks for the help. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey @Brodie : You can share work via Tinkercad too. Here’s a project with three interacting micro:bits: It’s a public, tinkerable link. Start a simulation. Each Micro:bit’s Button A will transmit a different message. Receivers will display the message on their screen.


Yes, as far as I know it can. You cound use the in-background feature to accomplish that,