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Makeblock i2c issue

Hi all,
For some time I own microbit v1.3 B. Recently I decided to introduce my daughter into “development” area by using MakeCode environment. The issue is that, i2c seems to not working for any of my i2c capable external modules (eg. LCD displays, temperature sensors). Of course the same modules works properly, when using micropython or DAL environment directly.
For my experiments javascript functions:
pins.i2cReadBuffer and pins.i2cWriteButter are used.

I was trying to debug problem at lower level, so the next step was to identify that file core/pins.cpp (part of pxt) is wrapper on top of… question is what (CODAL or DAL)? Or maybe both of them.

Can you please give me soem guideance how to proceed with debugging?


Hi Sowa-Gregory,

Would you be able to share your code? I have used the I2C functions from blocks many times with no issue on the v1.3. Are you sure you aren’t using the same address as the built-in accel or magnetometer?



Long time since you posted this I know but did you ever sort out your I2C problems ?