MakeCode Account to store projeccts

Hi there,

Is there a facility to create a personal account to store my MicroBit projects please?


There’s a way to link you Microsoft Account to Makecode (via the Cloud) It’s there on Arcade but I’m not sure about micro:bit.

Hi @Mrs_K,

You can save work to GitHub accounts. You can find more details here: . If you move to a new computer and want to resume work, you’d have to link it to your GitHub account.

You can use the save icon (to the right of the Download button) to download a .hex file, which can be “imported” to resume your work. If you always save the .hex file to a network drive (like Google’s, you can access it from other computers. More detail here: and here’s a video of someone importing from a .hex:

You can also use the “Share” feature as a clunky way to save/share work. Unfortunately, every update requires a re-share and keeping track of the link to the most recent update. I’ve talked to teachers who collected and reviewed student work by having their students submit links to the shared project, either via a google sheet or google form (which goes to a sheet).