All my daughters projects disspeared

My nine year old daughter had made several projects and had accessed them on many occasions.

Today they are not displayed on the home page.

I’m not sure what account information the makecode site uses but I have tried logining on via different MS accounts but to no avail. I tried my account and my wifes account and also my github login, but no luck!

Any clues as to how I can determine what account she was using for makecode.

Any ideas appreciated.

Hello, this is Blobiy
I have experienced the same thing in the past, I am 13 and made a “Pokémon” game. I was finally done when the next morning, I cried over my lost 20+ hours of work. Now what I do is have a google slide and whenever you want to save it, share it and copy the link, just in case.

I’m very sorry to hear that!

MakeCode does not currently have any support for accounts; all projects are stored locally in the browser. The projects will be cleared if you clear the browser data for Also, if you use the editor in an incognito or inPrivate window the projects will not be saved.

Are you using the same computer and browser you were using before?


The issue was we were on a different computer. As you suggested we found the projects on the original laptop.

I then shared all the projects and accessed them the other PC.

This seemed tedious doing this for each project in turn.

Is there another mechanism for sharing all projects on one PC with another?

Paste the link into a google docs, slides, or any other online thing you can access from other computers.

One way you can access all of the projects is by saving the links (get the link by pressing “share” and then copy the link).

Or if you want you could make a Word / PowerPoint and then use a drive to move it from computer to computer.

This works for me, and the links will always work, even old in updated links work.

Hope this helps

  • Blobiy

The most robust way to share code across computers is to use the GitHub integration. You can find the little icon next to the save button.

Docs are at

it happens too me too and i tried what you said. They best way is to save it to your computer

Github support does not apply to the microbit interface; and is one of the biggest frustrations. All is stored inside the browsers cache, so using a different browser allows you test something else but have no access to the same projects. One mistake with cleaning the browser, or a failing update, and all is nuked.

Wish there was a good export all, or export as zip, or whatever. At the moment I keep a collection of hex-files and gists for projects; using the main.ts, pxt.json and custom.ts if created.

Github does not feel frictionfree at the moment… as it is a feature you have to enable, and relies on a set of user credentials that need to be created seperately.

If you use our offline editor, all projects are stored locally “on disk” in the user folder.

The UWP application refuses to work… even after reinstall.

The electron based editor -->

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I used: which is not very reliable/hard to get grips on when there is an issue due to the sandboxed nature.

Anyway, will try if this app-wrapper works better.

Q: would gitlab support be possible?

Electron app should be more reliable.

Sorry gitlab support is not planned.

Would you accept patches for this?

No. This would require backend support to support OAuth in gitlab and also we don’t have bandwidth to test this integration. Thanks for the offer!

I understand the concerns. Do know that Gitlab supports OAuth2: While Github use is ‘prevalent’ it is a miss as a lot of educational institutes use their own Gitlab (or gitee) instances as they can not rely on Github to be always accessible (Asia). Same goes for our institute. For work I can rely on VPN, but for students this is not something that is easy to come by. Anyway, I’ll work on my own fork for now. /cc: @KittenBot