MakeCode and Minecraft - The Arena

For our computer science final, we created a survival arena based game within Minecraft with the help of make code.

Our original plan was to have a villain spawn enemies based on the day/night cycle Minecraft included. limitations of make code prevented most of our ideas however, so we started over. The element of waves was reworked into a concept of the final project, being an arena.

You’ll be challenged with 20 waves of enemies that spawn when an apple item is used. your provided with a few weapons, armor pieces, and food to survive. As you continue onward, you’ll be moved into a pit with even more difficulties in terms of enemy AI and enemy type.

from a coding perspective, the pit was a relatively easy process of code that simply moved in a shape to dig and place blocks accordingly. the material of the underground pit part naturally was not able to be broken, so that made the process easier.

All waves and monsters were written with self activated functions intentionally. along with win or lose details. these were all done so that something like this could be replicated easily by anyone, and is compatible with other worlds easily.

getting waves of monsters to spawn accordingly and in the right place and right amount was the biggest challenge, as any other methods resulted in crashing, or not working after a few chat command inputs. While i did not directly work on the code, I did supervise the project and gave feedback and suggested the whole arena idea after our original idea was proven unfeasible.

The Project overall provided a good amount of challenge, effort, good communication skills, and gave a good idea to how projects on larger scale actually are worked on by large scale companies.