"MakeCode Arcade Advanced" Streaming Software

I have been watching a lot of the “MakeCode Arcade Advanced” live streams over the past summer. I was wondering if the presenters or anyone else could tell me what software they are using to stream with multiple guests. I am developing an educational program for kids using MakeCode Arcade and we would like to stream with multiple people as well.

We use OBS to capture the screen (there are a few variants of the program, I use Stream labs OBS). To get the screen shared, we use Teams and have one person share their screen, and the person running the stream in OBS takes the meeting window as an input for the stream (any online meeting software should work here! It’s just set up this way so that all of the presenters can see the screen while working). If you have any questions getting OBS set up, feel free to ping me on this thread; there are lots of options and it can be a bit daunting at first.

Also, @peli put together an app to make setting up a stream a bit easier: Introducing "MakeCode Streamer BETA". This would be an alternative to having lots of stuff set up in OBS - you would use streamer to set up the view you are streaming, and then just capture that window with OBS without doing much other set up there. Depending on your set up this might be a lot easier to use, so I would suggest giving it a shot!

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Excellent! Thank you sharing. I really appreciate the info and quick response.