Best workshop tools/live event


I’m hosting a digital course (live) and I am going to have around 5-10 participants.
I want to be able to show myself while presenting, but I also want the kids to be able to show their screen and ask for help, mot just chatting. I want them to be able to show the course streaming “picture in picture” on their own screen, so that they can see my screen and me while working in the editor themself. Which tool is pest for this?

I tested te, but the function “picture in picture” doesn’t seem to work? and also if I also want the chat to be shown, the editor becomes too small?

Google meet works but seems a bit clumsy. I need to log on twice, and it’s not as flexible in arranging stuff.

It has to be easy to use and no accounts or downloads needed for the participants. What do you prefer and use?

We have built a tool just for that. You can , it will allow you to show an Arcade editor (other other web sites), your “face webcam” and an optional “document camera”. This is just a browser page so you’ll have to either share it in your message application or use something like OBS to turn it into a virtual web cam (which typically leads to blurry image, so not so recommended).


Great thankyou!

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Hos would you easiest include workshop participants with this tool? Like you want the kids to be able to ask questions and share their screen. I’m considering using Google meet + this, but it seems I have to have 2 windows?

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It’s really meant to be used as the presenter view within your existing classroom meeting app (Teams, Google Meet, …).