MakeCode Arcade offline pairing

Is it possible to pair a (Kitronik/Brainpad) device using the offline version of MakeCode Arcade? I have gone through now a bunch of laptops with the offline app and none off them will pair. Do you need to use the online version to be able to pair a device?

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What, can you restate your statement, I don’t understand what you said

He means can he connect devices to the offline version of the makecode website.

Connecting devices to the offline site

THERE IS AN ONLINE VERSION OF MAKECODE!!! can you send me the link to it

Yes there is an online version. @Buller is talking about the offline version

@MopishCobra75 it’s here:

@Buller Currently, we do not support webusb in the offline app, but it should copy the game over to the device automatically if a device is plugged in!

If not, it likely means the device is showing up with a name we didn’t expect when plugged in – we match against the names in this set here, so that’s any drive containing the name arcade, py or fthr840boot (including e.g. pybadge). If that’s the case, could you tell us what name the device shows up as when you plug it in?

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I have the offline app installed and would prefer using it to avoid internet issues. However first if I choose the hardware (I have mostly Kitronik Arcades which show up as KIT-ARCD) and then click Download I need to navigate to the device which will show up as a Flash Drive and can be sightly hidden in the file explorer. Downloading has proven tricky with kids when we’re doing video conference classes as they can have different setups.
In the online MakeCode Arcade pairing is quite straightforward: Download > Pair Device > Choose Arcade and it’s paired, then you can just download whenever.

Right, KIT-ARCD won’t be matched so it won’t auto download, I’ll see about getting it in for the next release (hopefully soon after the holidays) so it will automatically download to the device (If you have other devices, could you tell me what name they show up as as well, so I can make sure they’re covered?).

And yes, eventual goal is to support webusb (what you’re describing happening in the online version) in the electron app, but it may take a while to get to that so it likely won’t be in the next release – the support for that is a bit tricky / requires lots of fiddling and testing to make sure everything works without breaking different scenarios.

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I have BrainPads and a MeowBit that show up as ARCADE-F4. It would be excellent if Kitronik KIT-ARCD was added as I find Kitronik Arcades quite good.
Would be awesome as well if you can add webusb to the offline app some day. It’s just that our coding clubs are done through a web camera so it would be more ideal if things were more straightforward.
Thank you so much!

I have a question, what is different about the offline version of makecode, are they the same???It looks like it.

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The offline version does not need an internet connection, but it cannot work with Github repos last I checked.

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Hi again, Would you know if KIT-ARCD was added yet?

Yes, I added it, should be fixed with next electron app release

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Excellent! It’ll make things much easier for me. Thanks again!!