[Announcement] New offline app for MakeCode Arcade

Hey folks,

We’re pleased to announce the release of a new offline version of MakeCode Arcade! This offline app is perfect if you have wanted to use MakeCode Arcade in a place with limited internet access. The installer can be copied onto a USB drive and installed with no internet connection required!

You can grab both the Windows and macOS versions of the app from this page:


- The MakeCode Team


Yay! That means it can run faster! (I hope)

Will there be a version that allows importing from Github repositories eventually? (Just wondering)

@UnsignedArduino I haven’t done too much comparing the speed of the website vs. the offline app, but I would be surprised to see a significant difference besides load time / network requests (as lots of the examples / tutorials will be built into the app / never have to make a request over the internet). The app uses electron, which means it will be a very similar experience to running in chrome or edge; if you do see a difference I’d be super interested in hearing about it, though!

And re: github integration support; it’s possible to do, but doing so takes time, and we need to make sure we’re keeping everything secure – and we’d have to think about how that support works in the app when the focus (currently) is for when internet connections aren’t consistently available. It’s definitely great feedback to hear about anything like this that you want to see in the editor, as it can help prioritize future work if we hear that users really want a given feature!


Why do I barely discover this :expressionless:

Also have you updated the offline app? it does not seem like it :confused:

Usually we wait a week or two for updating the offline app after a major release and include the offline app when we do a patch release – we try to keep the offline app more stable / minimize releases as it’s often used in cases where internet bandwidth is at a premium / inconsistent and so it might take longer to receive bug fixes. (So the newest release will likely go out for the offline app soonish when we’re done fixing the bugs we’ve found!)


Where can I report bugs for this?

The title of the save dialog seems to be a base64 image.

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@UnsignedArduino https://github.com/microsoft/pxt-arcade is fine for bugs, or feel free to just tag me in a post anywhere as I handle most offline stuff anyways!

From the screenshot, it’s just the header of the dialog being the data blob, correct – it downloads to a valid file / fills in the right name in filename? Just checked on my mac and everything worked correctly, I’ll check on my pc later if there’s an easy way to give a hint for the prompt (it’s just using the default system download, and the dialog header is valid / just ugly, so if it’s not causing any other errors might end up just leaving for now)

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Yes everything works, just the title of the save dialog isn’t correct. It’s not really much of a big deal.

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Just so you know, offline app update was just released; if you open the app it should update in the background, give a notification, and then load the new version the next time you open it, but if you want to get it up to date again also fine to just go directly to https://arcade.makecode.com/offline-app and re-download/install

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I get Windows defender block pop-up and then a message that the file can not be executed on my machine when I try the Win64 installer on my Windows 10 Pro 64-bit system.


Hm, were there any other details available in the error? I just tried on my windows machine (w/ windows defender) and got no errors / everything installed correctly – @Vegz78 are there any particular security settings enabled on the device / is it a managed device from work / school? I also double checked and the app did get signed properly / with a valid certificate so I’m not sure why it would give an error like that :frowning:

If it is a private one, click more info, then run anyways.

Hmmm… Worked today, @jwunderl.

The difference I notice is that the executable installer file from today is 165 176 kb in size, while the one from yesterday is 6 467 kb.

Please don’t tell me that my machine now is infected with some nasty stuff(I clicked “run anyways…”)! :wink:

Oh :laughing: I only just found out about this lol.

Hm, weird! Must have been a broken cache on the cdn or something of the sort. Others appear to have run into a similar issue with the microbit offline app: https://github.com/microsoft/pxt-microbit/issues/3876 and https://github.com/microsoft/pxt-microbit/issues/3843. Will have to investigate a bit!

(Sorry for delay, missed the notification)

Thanks for the heads up and good luck with your hunt! Give me wink if you need a copy of the broken 6MB file for analysis, and please notify me if you find something suspicious and I’ll roll back a restore image.

Thanks! There shouldn’t be any concern that would require you to roll back, but I pinged you separately from the thread as the file could be very helpful in determining what’s going wrong :slight_smile:


Dear, pls. I try many time these three days to download the latest offline makecode for my Mac book. But reported download error every time by [https://makecode.trafficmanager.] ex: (https://makecode.trafficmanager.cn/ghdl/e15024cde2ac5d3a4535f05538131576/makecode-arcade-mac64.zip)
Could anyone can share a link to me to download the app except the microsoft official url? Thanks a lot!