Makecode Arcade won't work

This has happened for a few days, and now I can’t do anything. Each time I try to use Arcade, but it won’t work, it just shows the loading screen. Does anyone know what to do?

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First, try reloading the site - makecode can go for SO LONG without being reloaded and it not being noticable. Makecode usually works, but sometimes it breaks and just needs a reload. If this doesn’t work, try clearing the cache/cookies (THIS WILL DELETE PROJECTS STORED LOCALLY ON THE COMPUTER THAT AREN’T SAVED IN AN IMAGE/LINK/GITHUB). Also try restarting the computer (this could delete projects stored on arcade). Also, if you can get to it, press the reset button on the menu where you can select projects (BE CAREFUL, THIS WILL DELETE PROJECTS). These are all ways to clear up issues.

I’m not from the Makecode team, so I don’t know everything about Makecode (although I know a good bit), but I hope this helps.