Microsoft MakeCode

Makecode not working?

It appears that I can’t load the makecode arcade page. Is that a problem only happening to me or are the servers down?

Hmm, it appears to be working for me! What browser are you using? Can you try it in incognito/private mode?

Oh, it’s working now, but it looks like my internet is really slow today.

I mean, sometimes the page is stuck on a loading screen but that rarely happens to me, it usually works on the second try (I use chrome non-incognito or edge).

It’s good now, but yesterday I did a speed test and the internet was 100 megabits per second, but no matter how many times I would reload it, it wouldn’t load. I ended up waiting like 20 mins and it finally came up. Today it comes up in like 10 seconds, like usual.

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