MAKECODE-DOS COLLAB (for any developers)

Developers can help add code, commands and more (and an Easter egg will be added as credits) and maybe an OS can be written to Makecode-DOS :slight_smile:

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link? i wanna helP

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MAKECODE DOS Version 0.05


I already posted the link :slight_smile:

MAKECODE DOS Version 0.1

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Collab Build for MAKECODE-DOS Poll

  • Yes, I would like to help and build the newest version of MAKECODE-DOS
  • Yes, I would like to occasionally help and build a version of MAKECODE-DOS
  • I might help and build a version of MAKECODE-DOS
  • No, I’m much too busy

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Believe it or not- there is a limited amount of space on MAKECODE-DOS (worth in tiles) so OSs like my Cboy Pumpkin Pie Alpha 1 will have too much tiles to fit in this one thing. @Cat10847’s Arcade OS should be able to be written on it, though- but it requires some rewriting of the main code.

Wow, can’t wait until you finish it!

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I think that to keep up with the versions (current is 0.5) View this.

Sorry I’m working on a new game, but I could help a couple days later.