Can I have some help please

Okay well I made games on a different account then what I’m using now do you know if I can publish them on this account if yes the. Please tell me how.

I believe that all you need is a forum account. You can just link the game to your clipboard as in copying and pasting the link and then you can post it here

yes you can and heres how

  1. on your old account go to the project you want to share
  2. press the share button in the top left ( the one with 3 circles and lines connecting them
  3. press share and then copy
  4. paste the link you copied somewhere safe
  5. log into the account you want to edit or share the project to
  6. click import then import url
  7. paste the url

Yes you can! All you have to do is to press the share button in the upper right corner of the editor

Then you just copy the link and post it here

Just to make sure, the other responses have handled the case that you intended to share a game that you had made with a previous forum account or get a new link for a game that you previously made (thanks everyone for being supportive members of the community :slight_smile: ), but there is one more possible case you could be thinking of; you

  1. logged into makecode with your msft/google account
  2. made a game
  3. shared it, creating a persistent share link that can be updated / starts with
  4. logged in with another account and want to update that same link

in which case you would not be able to update the initial share link & would create a new persistent link, as this new account is not the creator of that initial link – for now, if you are in this situation, you’ll have to create a new link on the new account.

This scenario might happen if you e.g. first signed in with a school account that you might not have access to anymore. I don’t believe we have a great way to handle this at the moment - you can transfer the projects over with 'Download Zip` from the my projects view, but not the ‘ownership’ of the share link.

(In the future, there are a few ways we might approach handling this; e.g. an option to add additional accounts to login with, or just change the login account, but we have not added support for this yet)