Makecode isn't working

Makecode isn’t working bruh. So, it won’t g back to block, it just stays in JavaScript. It literally just went to block, now all of a sudden its stuck. :confused:

Well it is probably because of the new release. I found lots of bugs just now trying to make a game.

Hmm, can you post a share link to the game you were working on? We can take a look!

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I can’t share it im afraid. It keeps telling me to check my internet connection.

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Already did on another topic
I found lots of bugs!!!

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Every time I try to do convert to blocks it does this.

How many lines is it?

2135 lines

That is why. It is too big.

Can you set the camera at a specific point while making it follow the sprite? Like in Mario, where the camera is zoomed out but also following the sprite.

You can use the minimap extension to make a small version of a tilemap, which effectively zooms out. You also would have to add your sprite to the minimap for it to show on the minimap.

I’ve tried using this kind of extension before, and it bugged out my game. There should be a way to do it in scene, no?


No, there isn’t.