MakeCode Kart

@Kiwiphoenix364 What color were for the pipes? It come to me that all of the tracks made had no pipes at all.

@Taser bro when you get off track its very slow to get back in

will there be multiplayer or computers?

Yes, it is still in development

@Taser i did make my map but i deleted it i guess i was sleepy but i did do it

can i get added plz

you have to make your own sprites

how do you make hills like this?

This engine currently doesn’t support it, but it is possible to do wireframe graphics (and collision, as you can see here), but it doesn’t support textures. If it did, it would have very bad performance most likely and it would be VERY hard to code, considering that it was tough to add 1 2d plane with a texture.

3D terrain would need much more complex code to render, and I suspect it would likely be too slow without low-level support. The current code only supports a single textured ground plane, and it uses simplified math to speed things up in ways that are only valid for horizontal planes.

Adding a few untextured polygons would be possible, for example combining it with the renderer I used for Space Rocks 3D and Carrier 3D, but general textured polygons would be a lot harder.


How do you make the aesthetics like trees move? Animation?

Those are 2d sprites projected and scaled into a 3d space, not actual 3d objects. This couldn’t be used for slopes, because there is a limited amount of them and it would be hard to make a full environment with them (and it would look bad most likely.)

bro if you added full envioment it would look like sm64 but if a robot made it

When is the next update?

Idk, I’ve been working on other projects, and this one is sometimes hard to release updates.

Bean the dynamite mod

You copied my track

0_0 sorry i didn’t know how to edit the track.

i added myself hoping thats fine

already did long time ago so yea