MakeCode Kart

0_0 sorry i didn’t know how to edit the track.

i added myself hoping thats fine

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already did long time ago so yea

Fantastic work guys, if we finish the game I’d bet with a few more tweaks we can make a better sonic R on inferior software

It’s really tiny try zooming in

I’m using this renderer for the mini game jam #3 racing jam!

I’m not going to be dev-logging this game on this (or any thread), but I’ve made a converter that turns tilemaps into images for my game (at the expense of RAM)! (as well as stripping out the physics engine). I’m going to make this be the basis of my game, and I will custom-make the physics engine, graphics, gameplay, and more! This demo probably won’t run on hardware, but the actual game will probably use much smaller tilemaps. This allows me to make MUCH bigger maps (up to 8x bigger, 255 16x16 tiles instead of 512x512 pixels) while taking up considerably less storage (so I can ACTUALLY use a share link!. The only drawback is it will be difficult to place things precisely and do collision, although I probably can use custom tile-based collision, similar to tilemaps, but custom coded.

also WOW that was a wall of text lol

I just thought I’d post this here, because I don’t want to clutter up the game jam thread, and I might (probably still not) rework Makecode Kart in the future to use a tilemap system like this!


Yo Is it okay if I join. I have some good ideas for maps!!!

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Is that a fellow Metroid enthusiast I see?


Yes, it is very true.

Woot. Me too, although I prefer Kirby :blush:

Me too lol

@TheGreenArtist you can make maps, but I plan on implementing a version using tilemaps (after mini game jam 4), and it will work through GitHub so people can contribute all at once instead of me having to import all the assets manually. Once I have the new version done (or in a workable beta version), I’ll send a GitHub link that you can import and send pull requests/make commits.

I’m gonna add me sooooo yea

https://arcade…com/#editor It is done enjoy Awesome Kirby game wip I make levels almost every day

Uhhh… you just gave the link to the editor. You have to share the game in the top right corner.

To be clear, the editor link just opens the editor for whatever project that person had last used. This means that you’ll see your game, but the #editor link doesn’t work for anyone else.

MakeCode team, would it be possible to add a hook to the forum editor to warn people when they try to post that specific link? It’s an easy mistake to make, especially since it seems to work when the user tests it themselves.

As a side note, please don’t advertise your games in random popular threads, it’s cleaner to just start a new thread. (Of course you’re free to link if it’s relevant, for example if it’s directly related to the thread topic.)


You should post this in its own discussion… And you gave the link to editor.

Added Myself! Name : JavaLocked!

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Oh sorry

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