MakeCode Math: Sprite Distance

To try something new, I made a video:

In it, I try to cover some of the math behind calculating the distance between two sprites.

I’m completely noob at this and welcome any feedback you have… even if it’s “Stick to making games…” :sweat_smile:

If you’re up for watching some nerdy math stuff explained in makecode, check it out.


Thank you! MORE please!
This is awesome - I didn’t know there was a drawline block and the return block!
Great speaking voice too -

It would be so cool if you went through vector math!

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Great video, and the examples were perfect - especially the end with drawing the right triangle between the sprites to make it clear what’s happening!

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If you start a playlist, we’ll be able to showcase on the arcade home screen.


Great video! Keep them coming if you can. Excellent visuals and explanation.

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honestly, I was expecting a rickroll, but I was pleasantly surprised! Good content!

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