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MakecodeCraft - The Virtual Text SMP Server

MakecodeCraft - The Virtual Text SMP Server

So this is continued from Pinball Art

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yepyep hello this thread is about to make the minecraft topic more popular than arcade


I put everyone on top of the nether and remove ender pearls from the game

I rage quit. Rejoin, go into creative, and bombard everyone in the server, being able to rest knowing that my dreams are complete and I might have lagged the whole server to death.

Agent 14 had set up a add-on that took the lag instead to another computer that is not the server one.

hey want some diamonds? sure! take a whole stack of blocks!

turns everyone into adventure mode and disables crafting

also, anyone kinda remember having protection 5?

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codes a mod that replaces all existing and potential snow with TnT, and spaws multiple snow golems in each chunk, and laughs while entering the command /effect @p speed 99999 255 with fling and steel in his hand

I teleport everyone to the farlands, turn cheats of permanently, set it to hard mode not hardcore and set world spawn therr.

what did i say about it blowing up?

I was searching for it in the arcade section when I remember it was in the minecraft section


wait a second… this is not a SMP it is a CCMP (creative cheats multiplayer server)


@purna079 big brains the system by changing the name OHHHHHHHHHHHHH

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did you know that pigs can FLYY???

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OMG NO @purna079

you ride them off of a cliff…

LaserFoxPro Joined the game


Bedrock achievement.

used to be in java- removed in 1.12

procceds to steal other people items