Making Levels for Students?

What would be the easiest way to show students how to make different levels for games? I’ve got students completing the tutorials and making changes to learn how to make their own games.

I would like to find out the easiest way for students to learn how to make multiple levels…Can someone help?

Is there a tutorial I could follow to them show them?

I can do it myself following the maze tutorial and the cat platformer tutorial but Im looking for the simplest way to introduce them to levels.


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Do you want a platform level design or a maze with levels design? (I’m asking do you want a game with parkour or mazes.

Parkour or maze?

Edit: Heck let’s do both


Hahah, both?!

Some of my students did the barrell dodger tutorial and edited it making it a Christmas game - They then asked about making more levels.

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That’s really cool! When they asked about levels, did they mean for the barrel dodger game?

Yes, they were talking about that game - however they then figured out that the game goes on forever until you die…
So I guess making levels for that one would be more challenging…

Maybe best to start with levels for a maze type game? What do you recommend?

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I recommend maze levels. Then after they figure that out, you can make parkour games with levels with a couple extra tweaks

I know how to make it more challenging. This includes very tricky math though. I’ll edit this post and then I’ll tell you if I get it or not

I typically do something like this with my students. It may not be the most efficient, but I think the concept sinks in with them.

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Great idea! I was thinking about editing the on game update every 2000ms when the remainder stuff goes by.

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I think something like that could work too. Instead of using points, you could use the internal game clock to change the sprite, tilemap, and/or speed after a set amount of time.


In the original code, I had the splash block inside the on game update every 2000 ms block, but this calls the splash every time a projectile starts. I moved it up to the on game update that changes our level this way it only runs once.