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In the topic Rhythm Game MX v3.0 (FINAL?) @charliegregg mentioned that the map was made out of tilemaps, and, correct me if I’m wrong, implied that there was another way of making maps. Is this true? If this is true, can someone explain how do I do it?

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This is true, actually @TakeTheL08.
You just have the camera follow the main sprite and just use setPosition on all the sprites. You don’t need a tilemap.

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For example, my 1x1 pixel tilemap thing doesn’t use a tilemap -


Sorry for being late to this but yes, there is another way.

I use an image and do scene.setbackgroundimage(img) I believe.

and image.drawimage()?

To manually set the pixels on the screen.
This allows me to add particle effects, tiles (Any shape), sprites, HUD, rotate sprites (non pi/2 or 90º angles) and much more.

No need to use the built in classes for sprites and tile-maps.

This can also let you create your own custom collision functions and create, for example slopes, balls, crates (mobile boxes) and rag-dolls.

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For Instance my Ocean jam v0.7 3d wouldn’t really be possible without this.

Could you make a mini game example if this please as I don’t fully understand this but I could use it for games (I would credit you)

sorry to bug but @charliegregg could you create a mini slope demo game please and maybe a crate and balls as that would really help me with my projects as other slopes made in the forum are good just have issues when adding an animation and can sometimes not completely work