Mario Buddy

Another game I made a while back. This is a knock off of the great Donkey Kong.


This is really fun. I’m working on recreating World 1-1 of Super Mario Bros. for the NES, so I appreciate the fidelity to the original graphics.

One idea I have that might make gameplay a bit more pleasant, and simplify your code, would be to introduce gravity and change up the jump code. To do so, you could add a [set sprite ay (acceleration x) to 500] block to the [on start] block. This will simulate gravity. Then, instead of changing the sprite’s coordinates during a jump, you could simply set its (velocity y) to a negative number (I typically use -250, but that may not work for your screen size).
That said, I’m impressed with the way you figured out the jumps. Reminds me of Game-and-Watch and other old LCD games. If you’re wanting to keep that aesthetic, feel totally free to disregard my unsolicited advice. :grin:

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I made this back a couple years ago and never really completed it. It is a bit clunky too. But it is a great starting point for anyone that wants to use any of the elements.

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