Menu key bind?


Anyway, my game heavily relies on the use of the Menu key. Is there a key for Menu, like how space is A and enter is B? If there isn’t, could you bind a key to it? Why isn’t it already bound to a key?

What do you think would be the best key to bind to Menu? These are the best ones I could come up with:

Player 1 key bind for Menu key
  • Tab
  • Left Shift
  • R
  • F

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Player 2 key bind for Menu key
  • Right Shift
  • Y
  • H

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Also, is #Custom-MakeCode-editors (image) the correct place to put this? Or would I just put it in #Share-your-Arcade-projects-here? (image) I would think this is related to the editor, although this isn’t related to building a custom one.

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