MeowBit Sd Card Slot

Hi everyone!
I want to know if I can put more than one game (.uf2 file) in my MeowBit, maybe using the SD Card Slot. Thanks in advance!


Unfortunately, the SD card extension slot is not yet supported.

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So there’s no way that a MeowBit can handle more than one game?

Maybe in the future, not currently. @mmoskal

It would be in principle possible to modify the bootloader to support writing games from either the SPI flash or the SD card. No one has done it yet, and it’s quite a complicated task.

I miss that too
know it from my gamebuino here is a nice library

I get that the SD card slot is not yet supported, but I saw a YouTube video with a Meowbit with a menu. The device appeared to have two games installed. Any idea how that was done? (The video included speech in a non-English language that I didn’t understand, so perhaps it was explained there.)


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Hi! I am currently working on a code that has 8 minigames for the meowbit! That way you have multiple games! Still it would be amazing to just put a lot of games on the sd card and play them…

@DahbixLP Can you explain how I might be able to run multiple games on the Meowbit? How do you do it?

Well I Just use the Menü Extension and make multiple Games in Just one Code… Then I have multiple

Btw! I am nearly done! 6 Out of 8 Games done! Uses 0.67 MB of max 0.96 MB!
(Fits on meowbit)

I think you mean 67Kb out of 96Kb?

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Yes I do! I am working on it! Done soon!

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Little taste of it (maybe spoiler)


Done Soon!


@Edge554 @UnsignedArduino
IT IS DONE (Apart from the catch game) (It is just 8 Games)
The code guess game will be removed! (So just 7 Games) And will be replaced with a Instruction!
(It just does not work the way I want it to… also it is bad anyway!)
BEST!!! It works on the meowbit!
Here is the code:

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Hmm… I cannot find an extension called “Menu.” Can you please provide a link or other details?

That’s very cool! For those that haven’t read the code, @DahbixLP coded all of their games in a single MakeCode project. I’m attaching some screenshots to give you an idea of how it was done. Note, for example, that when the "A" button is pressed there are multiple actions that could occur. The action that does occur is dependent of the game that you chose in the main menu.

My question still remains: Is this the only way to get 2+ games on the Meowbit? What I’d like to do, for example, is download several games from the MakeCode Arcade home page to my Meowbit, then use some sort of main menu on the Meowbit to switch between these games. Possible? If so, how???


Currently, yes. But you could try doing the hard work of modifying the bootloader to read an SD card, present a menu and copy the files from the SD card to flash.

My brain is currently too small to try this.

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Thats the one!

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@Edge554 @UnsignedArduino
I fixed an issue that would appear in the cart game! It shuts down with the error code 021!
At first I was sad because it worked on my PC and not on my meowbit! But then I realised that it might be because of the computing power! So I checked the code and saw that the AI Race function gets called in an on game update (So a lot of times!) So I made a variable to do it once and then again! Now it is fixed!
After I am finished I can probably add stuff to some of the games!
What abou not 2 but 4 racers in the cart game?
Anyway here is the code!

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