Meowbit SD-Card

Some one there now how SD-card is working with meowbit?

As far as I know, reading from the SD card is possible , but it would be very complicated and we don’t have one yet.

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I have SD-card to my meowbits. Why it is so hard

THX for answer

Because you have to modify the bootloader to be able to read an SD card.

Can you tell me how i modify the bootloader?

Hmmm…im not that smart - I had a bad experience with bootloaders. You should ask one of the MakeCode devs - @mmoskal might know.

At this moment that slot is used to give Meowbit Bluetooth capabilities which are compatible with micro:bit’s one: Soon it’ll be available outside China. Someone with good knowledge maybe can modify it’s extension for SD card usage:

P.S. There’s also an official extension for Arcade which gives some space for saving game information. It’s mentioned a couple times on this forum.

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THX all for help

So i cant use s card slot to have games on?

Not at this moment. Let’s hope that we’ll get that feature sometimes.

Thanks you. But i have buy two memory SD card. So. But on kittenbot’s website it says: " SD card slot(Use for store programs or extend wireless modules)". How?

Maybe it is possible right now if you use the software kittenbot provides:

I know in micropython there is some sd-card functionality that might work out of the box.
But it will be very much work to program games from scratch without the comfortable makecode arcade infrastructure and you will not be able to easily share them with people here on the forum.

So probably the best choice is to wait and hope that some brilliant mind implements it for us :wink:
Imagine how cool it would be to have all the games posted here available on an sd card!

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Meowbits storeage is not the best. Can’t make big games. Thanks


Is it possible that kittenbot can respond? @KittenBot

I think that might only apply to MicroPython

How i use micro phyton. Where download and install it?

And move the file to the sd card and it work?

MicroPython is not MakeCode Arcade. I think you want MakeCode Arcade?

Uhh…no. I’m a CircuitPython guy and it’s kinda tricky and dirty doing that.

(For CircuitPythonistas out there, abusing to rename a file and copy to flash is what I was after)