MeowBit Sd Card Slot

Here’s the page on GitHub if anyone is interested:

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@Edge554 modifying the bootloader would be pretty tricky and not something that you could do from within the makecode editor. The bootloader itself is written in C/C++ and requires some knowledge about programming microcontrollers

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So in theory the bootloader would need to be updated to reference the sd card instead of the spi flash(or whatever the current built in storage is)?

I have a pybadge and a sd card feather. It would be pretty amazing to be able to utilize the sd card storage for arcade. I’m assuming it would be a lot of work to convert the raspberry pi interface to other devices, but what about modifying the storage/boot device?

The raspberry pi interface is actually just a game written in arcade:

You’d have to change the bootloader to be able to read/write games from the sdcard or flash

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You need to use javascript to be able to put a loop/event like a button pressed to be a code block that is not like an on-start block.

I think the problem was solved over 4 months ago…