Meowbit Tilt Control

Hello! It’s me again! I need some help with a thing I made! Basically I made a Racing Steering wheel out of wood and I want to use my meowbit as a screen displaying stuff like:

  • Speed
  • Gear (Done)
  • ERS Storage (Done)
  • Revlights (Done)
  • RPM (Done)
  • Maybe Laptime/Tire heat (imaginary)
  • Different Radio controls (Ask for stuff and get feedback like pitting)
  • Maybe Engine Life

Which is only the small problem and I can do that all by myself probably!

The Real Big Problem:
I want to put my meowbit onto the steering wheel (on the side that faces you) and I want to display the angle in which the steering wheel is rotated in (Standard 0; 90° left -90; 90° right 90) With this code (not by me) it works halfway (Standard 0; 90° left -90; but when 90° right it says something around -10 to -15) So here is the code

Though with this code it somewhat works but it only says -1 0 -1 which is also bad

But it doesnt fully work… Please help me!
(Dont get fooled by the simulator please try it out on the meowbit)


Hi @DahbixLP !
I just have the Meowbit, these ax,ay,az values are really out of range at some angle.
So I checked doc of manufacture demo page (in chinese)


It said there is a bug, can’t get right values ( yellow background)

so I try to fix it by myself, fortunately, these values make sence somewhat, looks like out range values are ±4096 based on the correct values, as I test below(up/left/right/down):

     ax raw value:
               0; -4096
     -1024                    -3072

     ay raw value:
     0;4096                 0;4096

like an issue about transfer between signed INT32 and UINT32 , so my simple correction is:

if(aX<-2048) aX+=4096
if(aY>2048) aY-=4096
if(aZ>2048) aZ-=4096

this worked on my Meowbit, output 180~0 when left to right tilt, and 0~ -180 when go on turn CW.
have a try please, and feel free feedback if there’s any issue.

Hello! Thank you so much I would never have been able to figure this out by myself! I only need this
(Angle 0-180 stuff) for my thing
So this is what I had before
Which is this displayed on the screen
Please put your code instead of mine bc I have no idea of javascript! Heres the game! (Ignore the messy code) Thanks!

You want blocks, instead of js codes, right?
No problem. I am glad to edit your project directly for you, if you uploaded it.

omg so sorry I thought I pasted it in the message but I didnt ig

Hi @DahbixLP
No problem.
I add these blocks

check project for detail:

Hope it helps, feel free to ask please if there’s any issue.

Thanks so much! Planning on putting it on one of my wooden F1 style steering wheels with a holder I designed

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That would be cool!
Don’t forget share a photo when you complete it!

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Hello! I made another update! I added settings and SW Mode (Steering Wheel mode (To use the pins of meowbit for gears and ers)) Do NOT enable sw mode while not on hardware mode! (You can but it will shift up and down and use ers so you dont want that.)

B: Menu (A to accept and up/down to navigate)
Up/Pin 0: Shift up
Down/Pin 1: Shift down
Left/Pin 2: Ers (in SW mode it doesnt toggle because I have a toggle button I want to use)
Right: (WIP) Switch Display look

Max Gears: Sets the max ammountt of gears so you can have 2-9 gears (if you have less than 6 gears then the car will be slower because most road cars have around 5 gears (so you can have an imaginary cruise on a highway without having a 10000 hp twin turbo engine infront of you.

Sw Mode On/Off: Turns the Steering Wheel (hardware) mode on/off (This setting will save)

Damage On/Off: Enables/Disables engine damage (which you get from shifting up to early) but when you turn them off at some point for whatever reason it locks into a gear and you cant shift.

Engine Reliability: Sets how often you can make a mistake before the engine blows up (Instead of turning Damage off I recommend just setting this very high so you can make mistakes without being punished)

Show Settings: Shows your settings

Close: Closes the menu (what a surprise)

What I want to do ASAP:
I want the display to show speed (I also wanna do a setting for mp/h and km/h but I can do that myself) but I dont know how to Display speed without using too much space (the code is messy already)

Also I want to switch the look of the display with a click of a button (Switch background color and maybe the look of revlights and some other stuff) (I can also do that myself I only need help with an idea how to display speed) (Already WIP)

@AqeeAqee Little update on my steering wheel in general! I made a mount for the meowbit and I will 3D print it in my school! (Looks like this) I designed that myself and it features some holes to fix it to my steering wheel and slots for things to put rubber bands into! The deep notch is for the cable stuff in the back! Basically you lay the meowbit onto it and fix it with rubber bands! (The big square things are here to spare 2 g of fillament weight 0.0001 cents of money and 3 seconds of printing time! (Jk) Anyway I hope to have it ready and mounted on monday so look forward to that! And if you are reading please please read the What I want to do ASAP section if you didn’t already! Thanks!

Thanks! Report issues/bugs and things I should add (if anyone even sees this)

!EDIT! I put brakes and menu on B! So here is the fix!
A: Brake (might have shift up/down and instead of ers the brake on a button!)
B: Menu
Also press right to switch the look of the display! (Lag and some other stuff fixed!)

Glad to hear updates from you! It’s really cool that you can design model and 3D print also ! This maybe the first project I saw which involved hardware.
I had a 3D printer too, so maybe I will print one as well after your project complete. :smiling_face:

As to the speed display, I am not sure understand you exactly. The space you mean screen space, or codes?

Well I want my game to display a fictional ammount of speed (how fast the car is going) which also should be easily changable in Top Speed (for slower cars) and its accelaration!

Also! New Update!
There is car presets like: F1 Car (8gears, ERS) and 4 other presets that have different gears, Rpm, damage and ERS (nitrous oxide) aswell as a fully custom car where you can select gears, damage, rpm and ers fully yourself! Tilt display which displays which direction the steering wheel is turned and how much (The bar on the top) And brake/gas display! Also the revlights blink if you have reached the rev limiter!

As far as I limited knowledge about this, the engine RPM is far important than speed for driving. So my answer is: display speed simply as numbers, with unit like KM/H.

Following is a photo of a gauge I referenced as well, make by one of my friends, he equiped this gauge on a real car. Looks like similar stuff with your project, but just based on different hardware with a big screen.

Well! I am done! (At least mostly) I 3D printed the holding thing, mounted it to my steering wheel and wired my meowbit up with the shift pedals!

Here is a close up picture of a shift pedal and its wiring! Here in this very profesional sketch you can somewhat see how the shift pedal works!

Here is a picture of the 3D printed holder (the part in the top that sticks out was added to support the meowbit) It works very well! I made modifications to it which you can see in the next picture!

As you can see I drilled holes in the left and right of the holder and put a nail in to hold a rubber band which holds the Meowbit! I usually planned something else but hey! It works!

Here you can see the back assembly of the steering wheel! The stick out the back is the connection to a wooden stand I made which has 2 holes where you can put it into! Heres another sketch!

And a model of it! (Front/Back view)(I have made it already and it works but it looks bad so yeah)

And here it is from the front! It is a RedBull style F1 wheel made by me! It has some fake buttons on it! I probably will paint it black!
Tell me what you think! @AqeeAqee
It is not the first project with hardware probably but the first one as a steering wheel display! (I think) The gearshifting works very well and I love it! Thanks for your help until now! I will update it to make it look better and have speed and so on! I would love to play games via tilt control! Imagine how cool that would be! Or the best of all (which is basically impossible) is to have the Meowbit as a display of an actual PC game (Like F1 2021 or Forza Horizon 5 or BeamNG)
Ask questions of something is not clear! Also tell me if you want the STL and/or the PAR file (I made it in Solid Edge) for 3D Printing!


Since the 24h of the legendary Nürburgring Nordschleife (also called Green Hell) is on saturday I thought I would make a version for this including a picture the background of the 25km long 24h layout which consists of a part of the GP curcuit and the Nordschleife! Also I changed the car you start with from the F1 car to the GT car (Because the GT cars race there)! I also made a tiny programm for the microbit (shown a bit further down)

(Sorry for your eyes but I just wanted to show every background!)

Microbit Programm
The GT cars have a LED Display of the car number on the windshield (picture below)
I mean the blue thing on the top of the windshield of every car! (Pic from: (NO AD) And I made something for the microbit that does exactly that! It blinks and then shows the driver/car number (It blinks to warn slower cars that a faster car is coming and that they should make space) I know its not much but I thought it would be cool for maybe a model GT car or something! I recommend a number 10 or higher because for example number 1 is hard to see (Just check it out yourself)
(It kinda looks weird in the simulator but works very well on the microbit)
Put your favourite number in the slot that is shown in the code and press A+B to quickly put your number on screen! You can also increase/decrease the number with A (-1) and N (+1)

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Hi @DahbixLP
I replied on last thursday but it can’t pass the approval. Forturnately, I found the capture yesterday (masked my username which can’t get approved) :

Thanks so much for the great feedback!
The steering wheel I put it on is my most recent and should look like the RedBull F1 steering wheel. It was hard to make because I had barely any time and you can see that. It has scratches and just doesnt look perfect. I made 2 others. The first one was very small (Hand size) and the second one was a big wide Mercedes/Ferrari wheel

This is close to the finished version which has revlights and has settings for the turn switch in the bottom.

Here you can see my first (top) and the baseplate of my second one (bottom)
I will colour the RedBull one sometime or I might just put the holder on my second one!

Sure! Share it with your friend if you want!

I will try to upload the file to thingyverse (never was there before) but expect it in a bit under the Name Meowbit Mount/Holder

I might make a tutorial on how to make steering wheels like this


My Brain just reading the topic: :dizzy_face: :dizzy_face: :dizzy_face: :dizzy_face: