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Steering Wheel with McroBit?

Hi! So I’ve been thinking about something. I recently made a replica of a f1 steering wheel! And I know the microBit can connect to the phone and has a tilt sensor! So I was asking if it was possible to put it on the steering wheel, connect it to the phone and use the tilt sensor as input for racing games aswell as the 2 buttons (For gas, brake, nitrous,…)Any suggestions?

@DahbixLP, well you could use the accelerometer for sure, maybe hotwire some plastic pads to buttons connected to the microbit to act as pedals (maybe buttons A and B?). For nitro maybe push the microbit forward when a meter is full. Hope this helps.

Well idk if it is possible to give the phone inputs with it… Thats my main question.

Well I don’t really know about that, especially considering that I’ve never connected a mobile device to a Micro:bit, but how about using something like a KITRONIK GAME or GAME 64, since they have a bigger potential for controls and the GAME 64 has an 8x8 ZIP LED matrix, meaning that you can add some differentiation to your game. Connecting a microcontroller such as the Micro:bit is probably going to be a very inefficient process and it would be better if you just used hardware to run the code more smoothly and with more versatility, like many of us on the forum do with Arcade and the Meowbit, Pygame and so on.

The micro:bit can “speak bluetooth”, so it could act as a keyboard, gamepad, etc. I’m in the process of developing an extension for the V2 micro:bit that can do some of this type of stuff, but it won’t be complete for some time.

As I was working on it I found existing extensions (for the V1) that appeared to do this too. It doesn’t look like they’ve been updated to work with the newest version of MakeCode and I don’t think they work now, but they are:

I suspect they didn’t work on all devices either. For example, I think iOS security requirements prevent Apple devices from working with some things like this).