Micro:bit tutorial oops error

HI. I am building tutorials for my students but have been receiving the check internet error when trying to test it using preview. I have searched the forum and checked graphics links etc as suggested.
The .md files work in the tutorial tool, though I have noticed that the GitHub page isn’t rendering the blocks correctly. I added the render script to each .md trying to fix this.
I have tried opening a new file in Incognito, loading as extension, the tutorial loads but doesn’t begin. When I exit and reopen the file, I get a file can’t load error.
I was hoping that someone might cast their eye over what I have done and see if there is something I have missed.


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It looks like the issue is that you’re pointing at the readme, which is definitely not a tutorial – note the last bit of the url you posted, vs this one that links to a random tutorial from that repo:


(that said, it’s definitely a bad error experience / we should take a look at that.)

Thanks for the response - made a huge difference.

I see the error I made with the links.

My goal was to have a menu appear when a student begins the tutorial so that they can go direct to the sensor they want to use. Since there doesn’t seem to be a way to do this such as anchor links, I thought I might be able to use the readme to house links to other md files.


Hm, I see – there are some formatting differences in the readme that were causing it to not work, but I see that you got it working as you intended as the readme link looks like it is working as you described now. As a quick aside, it looks like you have a ```blocks solely to get past the tutorial parser – if you don’t want that forever to show up you can set it as a ```ghost snippet instead of a blocks one. This will still get past the tutorial parser & that way it will not show up on the modal itself:

basic.forever(function () {

Thanks for the tip. It’s still clumsy. I would have liked to have stayed within a single tutorial file, but without anchor links, students would have to navigate all the way through to find the sensor they want. I am starting to think that creating a webpage with links to each tutorial might be better than the menu format I have now. I am still working through the LED tutorial, trying to find why it isn’t working. It’s been fun to figure out though.