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How do you make a block colour in tutorials?

For example, in the Name Tag tutorial, on Step 2 the Show String is written in blue.

How do you write like this?

You use this syntax


where NAMESPACE is the typescript namespace and TEXT is the text to display.

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However, something is going wrong when I’m trying to complete the tutorial. Please can yyou have a look and tell me what’s wrong?
Here’s a link to the tutorial.

And here’s a link to the GitHub repository.

Oh. I did three ` not two. That’s one problem solved! :sunny:
I don’t understand why the extension block doesn’t appear in the tutorial though.

Make sure to create releases for your tutorial. But yes, you might hitting a caching bug here.

This looks like a bug on our side. I’ll investigate later.

@DillonB07 ou first link is points to a repository that does not exist: dillonbarnes/name-tag


Did you rename your repo?

Oops. I was trying to rename it, but that is a bug in the beta. Use this link. https://makecode.microbit.org/beta#tutorial:github:dillonbarnes/smiley-frowney/tutorial

Make sure to create a new release when you want your new tutorial version to go live. It is still picking up the 1.0.0 version which has formatting errors.

I’ll try and have another go at it, when I can use a computer. :smiley: